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If You Cannot Beat Them then Adopt Them - Extending Your Business Model

Book-music-movie retailing in India has hit hard times with almost all the major chains shutting down. The online ‘menace’ of the free availability of movies and music; increasing popularity of digital books/ e-readers and discounting by online retailers has resulted in such a situation.

Take the case of Music World (MW) – part of the RPG Group. MW was the leader in the distribution of music, movies through CDs etc. The online phenomena literally killed the concept. Music was freely available on the net and that closed the largest revenue stream possible. Movies were available for downloads through torrents and that closed another huge revenue making opportunity.

Landmark, Odyssey and other chains which built their businesses on the retailing of books, tried to expand its scope to include music, movies, entertainment devices but the onslaught of the online business put paid to its business. There is a Flipkart or a Homeshop18 which is willing to offer home delivery with a wider variet…