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Curiosity Never Killed the Cat - In Memory of T C K Menon

Most of you do not know my uncle. T.C. Krishnankutty Menon (TCK), or to me Aniyanmaman, passed away recently.  He resided in Trichur, in God's Own Country,  a town more famous for its literary figures, jewellers, temples and Pooram. I was born there and he stayed in a house next to ours - we were all from the same family.

TCK was, in a sense, a true blue Keralite. He did his schooling in Trichur followed by his graduation in Chemistry at Maharaja's College, Ernakulam, quickly followed by a post-graduation through research. He joined Sri Kerala Varma College, Trichur after that, in two spells and taught there till his retirement. In-between he did drop into the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi for his Ph.D but for reasons which lie buried with him, he returned to Trichur and that's where he stayed for the rest of his life. His visits out of Kerala were few and far.
A Keralite he was but parochial he was a not. In a small town not really conducive to the exposure …

Is Health and Wellness the New Selling Gimmick?

Our lives have taken a change. Honestly I don't know whether it is for the better. With the convenience of machines, physical activity seems to be slowly coming to a standstill. There was a time when I used to walk to school - a good 4 kilometres; catch the Gen Y walking even 1 kilometre! Walking 3 flights of stairs is difficult, when you have the elevator.

We have to now make do with specially created spaces like gyms etc. to undertake physical activity. No wonder there is a mushrooming of gyms and similar centres across the world. Good health was always important to the end consumer but more so now with an increased awareness of the repercussions of poor health.
Media has played its part. There are large numbers of programs across all media channels. Online media have only served to propagate this further.  Regular and dedicated medical social networks give audiences a platform to share, compare and discuss their personal health issues with other consumers.
Last but not least, the …