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Recruiting through Data - How Big Data Helps Recruit the Right Talent

For most companies, people costs would be the single largest expense. No amount of automation or systems can remove the need for people in any organization – it can reduce but not remove completely.

Why does a person in a similar role outperform the others? Why are some people good team players and some individual contributors? How do organizations decide what makes good managers and further on good leaders? How well do organizations truly understand what drives performance? Why certain leaders thrive and others flame out? Can we accurately predict whether a candidate will really do well in our organization?

The answer to most of these questions is ‘don’t know’. Most recruitment, performance and rewards decisions are made qualitatively – through a combination of gut feel, personal experience, and corporate belief systems.

The time has come to reduce the subjectivity. This calls for scientifically designed systems and processes backed by information & knowledge. In today’s parlanc…