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The Public Life of Private People

With the every expanding scope of telecommunications and the need to interact with each other in an otherwise world of tenuous relationships 'being private' is a be question mark.

Thanks to the onset of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other related social media offerings, you can vent out your feelings, your opinions and your thoughts thereby exposing your inner most feelings to others. Some may do it inadvertently and some emotionally ( to regret it later). Many a time we have seen how people get into trouble.
Videos can be posted of otherwise private occasions much to the embarrassment of many again with serious repercussions. Why even photographs casually uploaded from your smartphone can be embarrassing too.
Relationships can get spoilt, life's can be shattered and emotions can got through turmoil
All these have implications both in personal and professional lives.
Otherwise fun apps like Foursquare, Google Latitude and FB Places will identify you in places where you …

Parochialism for right and wrong!

There was a lot of hullabaloo when the World Kannada Conference was held a few days back. I may not Kannada very well but I am proud to be from Karnataka - I actually support the RCB and also the Karnataka Ranji team over any other team considering I have stayed in many parts of India. I call Karnataka my home and actually love Mysore.

Am I a less Kannadiga then anyone else? - I dont think so. Yes I agree that I have not made much efforts to learn the language like I am with Tamil and Bengali. But I don't think my state of origin or my limited knowledge of Kannada should come in the way.
While efforts are being done to promote Kannada, what is being done to make Karnataka proud? I dont think anyone would be proud of the tag given now. It was known as the IT capital, The hub of knowledge workers, the most progressive state but now.....?
If we need to be parochial let us also look at the development of the state, not just look at promoting the language. While I do understand that t…