Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Indian in England

  • Do I like the English weather especially in November - no!
  • Do I like the so called royalty with their weird sense of righteousnesses - no!
  • Do I find the english comedy interesting - maybe!
  • Do I find EPL interesting - maybe!
  • The English at cricket - no!
  • The history - maybe!

Then why is it that I look forward to my stay at London. I cant put a finger on it. I wonder if there is a small sense of colonial hangover in me. But yes what I do like is that life is disciplined - no honks, no cut ins, polite people but then I wonder if this all this is practiced. Just a veneer. And maybe I am in a foreign land without worrying about the language and in some cases speak the local language much better than the locals. One up, I guess!

Anyway I like the place and the touch of class which comes with it. And I do like to go back there again. Walking around Knightsbridge. Interacting with locals but having said that I seem to see more non english than the english themselves - quite a surprise when I had got down at B'ham station and I heard Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali and a host of European languages...and certainly not english.

Which brings me to the point is that the world is a melting pot and geographies and languages are just small impediments to that. Over period of time people from all over will - visit all over and there will be more imbibing of culture and ideas.

I wonder how long these so called barriers of visas etc last. I hear Merkel and Sarkozy saying the multi culturalism has not worked and I am sure the French and the Germans are kidding themselves and going against the grain. Move with flow! And keeping with a parochial stance will not help.

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