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The Absurdity of SOPs

For any organization to survive, systems and processes are required. The larger the organization gets the more the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure). The more the number of  SOPs the more complex it gets and the more complex it gets - the more ridiculous it gets

A very simple formula:
Increase in  size of organization = Increase in number of  SOPs = Increase in Complexities = Increase in absurdity

A few years back I used to work in a MNC which had a great number  of  processes. Infact the organization took pride in it. Coming in from an ' Indian' company I was pretty much in awe of them!

A month or two when I was in the thick of things, I happened to be in a meeting where we had guests from other organizations. This meeting was of significant importance and this had important business ramifications for all of us.

Being the wonderful host that we were, we decided to offer our guests some hot beverages. We called the service staff and asked them to serve our guests the bever…