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How Social is Social Media - The Non Social Problematic Aspects

Technology and the Internet have broken barriers of communication & interaction for the common person. Tools like messenger services and more importantly social media sites like Facebook; Twitter etc. are the favored destinations for many especially the youth. There is a strong preference for communicating through Facebook, Twitter apart from texting through the various apps like Whatsapp and its ilk. It is said that there are 11 different ways of staying in contact with their friends from the comfort of their sofa or bedroom.
I have seen numerous interactions between people over social media - best friends, husband - wife, mother and son and so on. Social media interactions seem to dominate any conversation or social interaction. And giving the ease at which technology facilitates this, social media interactions is growing to be the norm. Facebooking, Tweeting, Whatsapping etc. are some of the terminologies, which have made an entry into the normal parlance.
I personally have a bad…