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The Update Itch - The Psychological Urge to be Upto Date

When I bought the iphone4S I think the phone had iOS4 but with the numerous updates my phone now runs on iOS7.

Anyone with a smartphone would have downloaded numerous apps. All apps have their regular updates. Updates which bring in changes in their functionality and form. Anyone with a laptop would have to update their OS regularly.

Till a few years, when our world was restricted to laptops/PCs, the reason best attributed to updating the software was increased security and ofcourse correcting some bugs. These updates were few and more a hindrance. However what was arguably a choice earlier has now taken a different turn.

The other day, I overheard a conversation between a couple of 20 year olds who were discussing functionalities of their smartphones and apps.  The focus of the discussion on the recency of the apps and the updates done. To my surprise, the discussion meandered to the fact that of one of them did not have a particular update, without being derogatory, it was told tha…