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Replacing Yourself - Let Your Job be Taken!

Unless an employee is altruistic and has reached a fair level of self-actualization, I am sure he/ she would like to see her career grow in terms of responsibility, authority and financially.

While in some disciplines, organizations can make do with individual contributors, the business requirement is largely skewed to teams and teamwork. Teams would require a manager/ leader. One of the responsibilities of the manager would be to equip their team members/ subordinates with skills & knowledge which lets them mature and enable them to grow higher within the hierarchy.
Unfortunately many managers/ leaders have a tendency to be threatened by such subordinates for a variety of reasons.
a) Insecurity of the idea of giving someone a chance to take their place Some bosses are suspicious of their subordinates of someone taking their place. What if their failings are found out? What if the subordinates are better?
b) Protective & selfish of what he knows Ownership is good when people n…