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Dialogue Over Monologue - The Key to Customer Relationships

The old paradigms have changed. To build a relationship with a customer, a brand has to engage with him/ her through various means and one way of doing so is to interact with them. But one of the better ways is letting them talk back to you.  An essential component of a brand-customer relationship is the 'humanness' of the relationship and the interaction they have through communications. 
In simple words - 'Enter into a Dialogue'.
A dialogue by its very definition is an attitude or orientation towards communication wherein each participant possesses genuine concern for the other and it is this concern which drives interaction. Atleast on the face of it, dialogue is free from any ulterior motive like financial gain (there is a thin red line though!). A dialogue is based on such factors like care, trust, sensitiveness, sincerity, openness, empathy amongst others. This is devoid of manipulations of untruths, coercion, exploitation etc. In effect, the more transparent and h…