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Are We Hiring for the Right Reasons?

Had a long chat with an entrepreneur friend yesterday.  He had set up a concept restaurant which was extremely successful and he wanted the business to grow for which he needed people. Was discussing with him on what he was looking for a person who would manage his operations. In what would have been a typically short "job description" defined role tuned out to much more that.
Which got me thinking.  When we hire personnel, are we being strait jacketed by the job profile? Are we not looking at attributes which signify an average regular professional rather than an excellent one? Are we more bothered about what the person has done before? Don't we reject persons for what they have done and not what they can do?  In a hurry to hire people who fit the job description we are not looking at people who can contribute much more. Here is a list of the criteria which I would look for in a person Positive Attitude - To me the most important factor i…