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Hypocrisy of Corporate Ethics?

Some years back a large MNC took an altruistic stance of terminating the services the employees who had arguably resorted to 'not so fair' measures to cut down on their taxes. For e.g. take a driver's salary when there was none, so on and so forth.

This was and is a common practice in India and I am sure many corporates turn a blind eye to such doings.
Looking at what the MNC did it was truly commendable and taking the moral high ground.
Around the same time the European Commission conducted an inquiry and concluded that the same company was abusing its dominance over the market it catered to. The company, it is said engaged in anti competitive actions thereby denying competition a fair marketplace and also the end consumer a better choice. A penalty which was by far the highest was levied on the company.
As far as memory goes, I did not see any member of the company resigning due to this. But in my eyes there was big misdeed and the fine levied was even bigger to show the e…