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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going - The Positives During The Bad Times

“ When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” was a chart busting song by Billy Ocean in the 80s. He would have never expected it to be relevant in tough economic conditions far removed from the romantic overtones of the song.  But I do admit the difficulties of romancing do infact display an indication of the hard times. However more relevant is a sports team. When everything is good, all blemishes are glossed over but when it hits a tough phase, that is when all problems are highlighted.

The old adage is only the fittest survive is fitting. During a downturn, the weak and feeble will fade away and the stronger ones will survive and live to fight another day.

Having said that there are some good points in the bad times. Everything is not gloomy and there are many bright spots. Organizations need to leverage that to furrow a successful path.

Human relationships are a clear indicator,  in the good times a successful person/ organization will have many friends/ partners but in bad t…