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Geek Speak is Out, Consumer Speak is In.

My mother needed a new refrigerator. The 'very' well informed salesperson at the store decided he needed to impress us with his understanding of the innards of the refrigerator. He reeled some technological jargon much to his own delight and to our dismay. A simple question for my mother stumped him though - how does all that make my life easier? All she wanted to hear was something which she could understand - in simple plain English!

Do you know what 802.11B is? Some call it Wi-fi, something which rolls out of the tongue easier. Wi-fi is a shortened version of wireless fidelity which actually still does not make any sense either. And most 'common' people prefer to call it wireless - which in reality it is!!

Cut to the ubiquitous personal computer. Have you ever checked the web pages of the Apple Mac with the other personal computer brands? No prizes for guessing which sells more.

For many brands especially in the consumer electronics space, the brand owners seem to ge…