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Living Together - Does Your Brand Have a Relationship With Your Customer?

The dream of any business is to have committed customers who treat their relationship (with their brand) - more than just a brand-customer interaction but show a commitment which is emotional and creates 'feelings'. As brands transcend from a benefit orientation with their customers to an emotional connect, the benefits for the brand grows exponentially. These stand the test of time and in the minds of their customers the brand stands for values beyond functionality.  Customers of such brands rate them much higher in their value systems.

Apple, Harley Davidson and Triumph are some of the few examples who transcended the barrier to create diehard fans/ lovers. For example - Apple’s commitment to their Mac User Groups. Apple interacts with them regularly and constantly integrates their feedback in the new products/ software thereby respecting the relationship. This not only helps them from a marketing standpoint as a 'brand which listens' but also helps improves their o…