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The Past Comes to the Future?

I was having a lunch meeting in a 'very happening' mall when a young thing walked in. She wore clothes which...well she had some clothes! She did get a dekko from me, but nothing more than that!

I was wondering whether something was wrong with me. I looked around and I found I was normal, even others gave her a glance (a long one at that) and went back to what they were doing. This kind of body show had become commonplace, atleast to all of us sitting at Palladium!

Which got me thinking, the are going back to those days when people wore less clothes! Or are we actually adopting lifestyles/ habits which our forefathers practiced?

Our forefathers believed in promiscuity and there were no inhibitions around it. In the present context, the numbers of the promiscuity audience are increasing. Sex outside of marriage has become accepted. All forms of  sexual behavior  -Hetorosexuality/ Bisexuality/ Homosexuality are being increasingly accepted.   Just like the good old days! Adam an…